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Greater diversification, less volatility, more potential

We believe that blending eight asset classes in one fund provides investors with three distinct benefits:

– A highly diversified investment that reduces the risk to capital

– Any sharp ups and downs are smoothed out

– The potential for outperformance within the sector or peer group

Apollo’s managers look worldwide for opportunities. Once identified, evaluated and approved, they then choose the most efficient method for tapping into that opportunity. Options might include investing directly into the security itself, indirectly via another fund manager, or utilising structured products and index trackers for example. Ultimately the tools and devices used are academic, because what really counts are the results achieved on behalf of our investors.

The Apollo multi asset fund offers an all-encompassing investment solution

– Less volatile investments
– More scope
– Greater diversification
– Access to global opportunities
– Active fund management
– Dedicated, confident, experienced, focussed fund managers